Hollyshorts 2022 Awards

The short film “Hallelujah” from Compton-based director Victor Gabriel won the Grand Prix for Best Short at the Academy Award® qualifying 18th Hollyshorts Film Festival on Saturday afternoon. Producer Duran Jones picked up the festival’s Best Producer prize.

Two other winners qualified for Oscar consideration: Seemab Gul’s “Mulaqat/Sandstrom” won Best Live Action Short and “Scale” by Joseph Pierce, won the award for Best Short Animation.

The HollyShorts Film Festival showcases the top short films produced in 40 minutes or less. Categories include Short Animation, Short Live Action, Short Documentary, Music Video, Webisode, Commercials, Youth Film and Digital Microbudget.

See below for the full list of short film winners:

Grand Prix Best Short: Hallelujah by Victor Gabriel

Best Live Action: Mulaqat/Sandstorm by Seemab Gul

Best Animation: Scale by Joseph Pierce

Best Director: Carlos Segundo for Sideral

Best Action: Kickstart My Heart by Kelsey Bollig

Best Thriller: Wild Bitch by Rebekka Johnson and Kate Nash

Best Horror: Moshari by Nuhash Humayun

Best Comedy: All I Ever Wanted by Erin Lau

Best Drama: Like the Ones I Used to Know by Annie St. Pierre

Best Documentary: MINK! By Ben Proudfoot

Best LGBTQIA+: North Star by P.J. Palmer

Best International Short Film: The Voice Actress by Anna J. Takayama

Best Sci-Fi: Waltz of the Angels by Braden Barton

SAG Indie Winner: My Jerome by Adjani Salmon

Hawk Films Screenplay Award: Mina Finders Her Edge! by Robin Rose Singer

Script Compass Screenplay Award: In the Garden of Tulips by Ava Lalezarzadeh

Best Female Screenplay, presented by BeCine: Last Ship East by Eris Qian

Best TV: A Question of Service by Erin Brown Thomas

Best TV Screenplay: Forsyth County by James Sasser

LatinX Award, presented by Viacom International Studios: Huella by Gabriela Ortega

Women in Film Award: Apart, Together by Olivia Hang Zhou

Best Midnight Madness: Homesick by Will Seefried

Best Music Video: Consensual by Jeff Hilliard and Joey Danger

Best Web Series: Kura by Vince McMillan

Best Producer: Duran Jones for Hallelujah

Best Editing: The Machine by Rowan McKay

Best VFX: Black Dragon by Rồng đen

Best Costume Design: Sauerdogs by Carmen Granell

Social Impact Award: Stranger at the Gate by Joshua Seftel

Best Student Film: The Visit by Ebele Tate

Kodak Shot on Film: North Pole by Marija Apcevska

Kodak Shot on Film Super 8MM: Deerwoods Deathtrap by James P. Gannon

Kodak Shot on Film Honorable Mention: Not the 80s by Marleen Valien

Zeiss Presents: HollyShorts Achievement in Filmmaking and Cinematography: Censor of Dreams by Khalib Mohtaseb

Zeiss Presents: HollyShorts Career Achievement in Filmmaking and Cinematography: Nancy Schreiber

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